what is copywriting

What is copywriting?

What is copywriting?



As a business owner, you take on a lot of different roles.

You become the master of your craft, the chief of operations, the customer service manager, creative director, financial officer, and so much more

Some of these roles you mayyy have seen coming, but others… were, uhm, surprises.

One of the roles you maybe didn’t know you’d take on is the… drum roll… Copywriter!

And who knew when you started your business, how much work it would be assembling words together to fill your home page? And not only fill that page– but speak to humans across the screen to cultivate a bond strong enough that they’re eager to learn more about how you can help them. And then, hopefully, they’ll convert from “prospect” to “loyal customer.”

That’s a tall order for any writer! Even for us copywriters!

But strengthening your copy will make all the difference in your business– in your brand messaging and especially in your sales. So, let’s chat copy! 

In this post, I’m diving into the basics of copywriting to give you a clear understanding of what it is, and how to harness its persuasive power to grow your business.  

You’ll learn

  • The difference between copy and content
  • How to speak to your specific audience
  • A surprise at the end to kick-start your own web copywriting!

Without further ado… let’s kick things off with a quote from copy queen, Joanna Wiebe:

what is copywriting

The great debate: Copywriting vs. Content writing

Let’s kick things off by addressing the elephant in the room: Content vs. Copy. Now I know what I was thinking as a newbie copywriter, scratching my pen to my temple as I gazed out my window at the wispy summer clouds rolling by… “Aren’t they the same thing?”

Although content and copy support each other– like David supported Moira’s Allez-Vous pyramid scheme– both types of writing actually serve two separate purposes. 

According to media guru Neil Patel, the purpose of content is “to educate or build relationships,” while “copywriting is written to persuade or sell.”  

Now I mainly agree with this definition. But I would argue that much of copywriting is dependent on knowing your audience intimately enough that your copy speaks to them like an old friend. That definitely sounds like relationship-building to me. Plus, who wants to buy from someone they don’t know, love, and trust? 

– So here’s the Rach-translation – 

Copywriting (like your website pages, email sequences, and sales pages) is meant to meet the reader right where they’re at and establish a quick, yet profound, connection. It establishes trust swiftly by relating to the reader’s pain and unfulfilled desires, while encouraging the reader to take action. 

Content writing (like your blogs and articles) provides a low barrier to entry for readers, allowing them to explore your business’ topics and helpful resources. It establishes trust slowly and over time by providing free value. 

As you can see, both copy and content serve unique purposes to support and connect with your audience. The key difference is the goal behind your writing. 

By answering these questions, you should be able to sort out the mission behind your writing, as well as the type of writing you need– 

  1. Is your intention to connect with your reader to sell an incredible upcoming offer? (Copy)
  2. Or is your intention to establish yourself as an industry leader through value-packed educational content? (Content)

This should help you distinguish whether you’re writing copy or content!

what is copywriting

So, what is copywriting?

I like to argue that professional copy is the backbone of a brand. 

Although design is also incredibly important– it’s the message and the story strategically folded within that beautiful design that captivates and holds the reader’s interest. 

It’s the words that speak directly to her heart– validating her experience, showing her what’s possible, and encouraging her to take that next step towards becoming the best version of herself. 

Now you may be thinking… “Okay, but aren’t we selling something to help her become the best version of herself?” 

To which I’d say, “Absolutely!”

And it’s hopefully the exact solution she’s needing for her specific problem in her life, health, business, etc. And if it’s not– your copy should actually repel the reader away from your offer. 

Take a deep breath, this is perfectly fine. You aren’t everybody’s cup of tea… But you ARE someone’s perfectly spiced chai latte on a crisp autumn day. You and your offer are exactly what your ideal client is looking for. 

(You just need to find out who this type of gal is, and then speak to her directly in your copy!)

Because it’s the qualified customers that know you and understand your value that you’ll serve the best, anyway. Your copy should sound like you, portray an accurate depiction of your offer’s value, and be specific enough that it pulls in the right people. Capeesh?

Copy is meant to drive action 

There you have it! So when you’re grabbing coffee with your college bestie explaining your marketing strategy and they ask you, “Wait, what’s copywriting?” you’ll be able to share that it’s the oil in the engine that drives online sales. 

And more importantly, you’ll be able to write intentionally to sell your incredible offer to your best clients. (Yes, the designs are eye-catching, but it’s the words you use to show them their transformation story. That’s what will urge them to sign up and hand over their credit card. And if you need an extra boost with this, head over to my Services page to see how I can support you with sales-inducing copy!)

Website copywriting cheat sheet (Free guide!)

Need a little boost when it comes to sprucing up your own copy? No worries friend, I’ve got a tonic for that! 

Below you’ll find a link to download my free guide, 5 Steps to Writing Website Copy that Sells. 

It will teach you the exact steps needed to write website words that sound like your elevated self, while guiding those perfect leads through your sales funnel towards conversion. 

Let’s boost those sales, shall we? Grab your guide here or by clicking the link below!

And I’d love to hear from you– if you have any questions please drop them below. Until next time, my friend!

Cheers to building a business around your calling, and supporting the abundant life you deserve. 

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