Essential Website Pages

How to Write Copy for These 4 Essential Website Pages

How to Write Copy for These 4 Essential Website Pages



If you follow me on IG, you may have witnessed the telenovela that unfolded last fall when my Instagram account was hacked.

It was a delightfully crisp October morning.

I’d just arrived at my local barre studio for my AM workout when I glanced down at my phone. I noticed a few concerning texts from my friends. 

“Not sure if this is you, Rach— you’re not selling bitcoin now, are you…?”

“Hey, Rach! I think someone hacked your Instagram account…”

My heart began pounding and my stomach sank into my toes. As an online entrepreneur, this was one of my WORST fears.

Fast forward through a stressful sweat sesh and a nervous drive back home. 

Now parked in my driveway, I was able to navigate the situation. Quick thinking, fast fingers, and disgruntled prayer got me through.

Thankfully, I was able to recover my account. Hallelujah 🙌🏼

But this crazy saga got me thinking… 

Social media is fallible. Of course, it’s a wonderful tool to connect with others and build community. 

But the thing about our social media platforms is that we don’t own them. We’re renting property on someone else’s real estate.

Your website is your digital property 

That’s why it’s SO important to run your business on your own website. 

Don’t leave your most precious digital assets vulnerable to internet creeps— do yourself a favor and build your business on a website that it can stand on!

The great news is, there are only four website pages you need in order to convert leads into clients on your website. And I’m going to show you how to write them.

  1. Home Page
  2. About Page
  3. Services Page
  4. Contact Page

In this post, I’m going to walk you through how to write copy for these essential pages so you can transform your website into a mini-sales funnel. 

It’s not as hard as it sounds! Grab a sip of tea and let’s dive in. ☕

Essential Website Pages

Essential Website Page #1: Your Home Page

First up: The most challenging webpage to write.

I say this because your Home Page acquires a box-of-chocolate style assortment of all different types of people who are at unique stages in their journey with you. 

Allow me to illustrate.

On your home page, you could be speaking to folks like: 

  • A warm lead that’s holding her MasterCard in one hand, and is ready to click the “Sign Up” button on your offer with the other
  • An adjacent industry leader that wants to build an affiliate partnership with you
  • An ideal client who found you this morning on IG and is sifting through who you are and how you can support her

Now, that’s a lot of different stages of awareness for one website page to tackle! 

How’s a savvy entrepreneur like yourself going to speak to all these people at once? 

Here’s the trick– 

Write your copy in a way that specifically calls out your ideal client. Let them know they’re in the perfect place. 

And at the same time, speak in a way that’s just-high-level-enough to welcome in the newer folks as well. 

When writing your Home Page, remember this:

Clear > Clever

 Your Home Page copy should deliver the “big picture” of who you are and what you do. 

And a great conversion copy rule of thumb is that we always want to be crystal clear. We never want to sacrifice getting the message across on the altar of flaunting creativity.

This is especially true for your Home Page– we don’t want to turn anyone off with industry-specific jargon that flies over their head. (Or cutesy headlines that require additional context. There’s a time and a place for cutesy.)

As the old copywriting adage goes, “Clear, not clever.” 

Now, let’s take a look at your About Page.

Essential Website Page #2: Your About Page

Your website’s About Page is a wonderful tool to humanize your business and allow readers to connect with you. 

According to a study done by KoMarketing, 52% of readers claimed that the first thing they want to see when they land on a business’s website is its About Us page.

I have a hunch that the numbers are even higher in our online personal-brand space. 

People want to connect with real people! And so, they’ll quickly head over to your About Page to digitally “meet” you and see if you guys click.

Your About Page also provides a beautiful opportunity to share your story strategically

Of course, they came to get to know you– But they’ll stay if you’re able to share your transformation story in a way that they can see themselves in your shoes.

Share your story in a relatable way to build trust with your reader

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re grabbing lunch with your BFF.

The two of you are catching up about her latest nutrition kick, and she tells you that she began a Whole30 diet to help regulate her hormones.

She tells you that although it’s been challenging, she’s found the results to be tremendously rewarding. Your friend has more energy now than she’s had in years! 

Her skin is glowing, she loves experimenting with new recipes, and has no problem keeping up with her kids.

Suddenly– your eyes glitter as you begin thinking about what your life could look like if you had more energy, too. 

Pause! This, my friend, is the power behind telling your story in a way that’s relatable. 

It offers a glimpse into your world…

…while offering the reader (or listener) a peek into your transformation in a way that promises hope for them too. 

This gives you a great place to start writing your story!

Essential Website Page #3: Your Services/ Sales Page

Ahh, your Services Page. The second-to-last step of your website’s mini-funnel.

Some copywriters actually prefer to knock out the Services Page first because it contains all of the oh-so-important details about your services (or products.) 

This page does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to selling your offer.

If your reader is interested enough to click through to your Services Page, we’re going to assume they are ready to pursue a working relationship with you. (Whether that’s right now, or in the near future.)

How to write a successful Services Page

  • First, we want to validate their current state and/ or pain points
  • Next, we’ll show them their desired state
  • Then, it’s time to position you as the expert to help them get there
  • And finally, share a call-to-action so they can work with you

If you’d like to see a Services Page in action, feel free to take a peek at mine, or my home remodeling client’s, for reference. 

Essential Website Page #4: Your Contact Page

The final piece to this mini-sales funnel (aka your website) is your Contact Page.

An often overlooked webpage, your Contact Page is actually super important, it functions like a Checkout Page. 

Meaning, this is your final touchpoint to encourage your reader to move forward to work with you.

Instead of a cookie-cutter sentence with your office hours and a simple contact form– let’s impact your reader and spark inspiration in them to move forward with you.

After all, you have a business to run! Acquiring an inquiry from a warm lead gives you an incredible advantage once you hop on your first call with them.

So how do we engage them in this final (and crucial) website page?

5 Tips to write a conversion-worthy Contact Page

  1. Re-establish that your ideal client is in the right place to find the solution they’re looking for
  2. Remind them of their desired outcome and how you can help them get there
  3. Reiterate your passion for supporting your ideal client through their journey
  4. Make it super-simple for them to be able to reach out to you
  5. Share your work boundaries with them, letting them know when they can expect to hear back from you

Bonus tip! Please, please, please put your email address somewhere on your Contact Page. 🙂 Not everyone who lands on your Contact Page is a hot lead, (hey there, potential PR opportunities). You want to make it super easy for them to be able to contact you.

Let’s get writing!

Now, I shared a lot of information with you in this blog post. I basically walked you through my entire process of writing website copy. 

We covered the four essential pages you need to create a high-converting website. As a refresher, here they are:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Services 
  4. Contact

And there you have it! I hope this post gave you the building blocks you need to begin writing kick-booty website copy. Remember, it’s your messaging that brings in those sales!

Your clients need exactly what you have to offer, you just need to connect with them through the conversational sales copy tactics we covered in this post.

You got this! 💃🏼

*P.S. If you’re ready to partner with a pro copywriter who nerds out on market research and crafting copy that will move mountains for your business– just click here to submit an application for us to work together! I’d love to support your business with strategic copy that sells!

Happy writing! Until next time, friend!

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