Let's see if this sounds familiar...

You discovered there was a calling on your life to steward your gifts to bless others. So, you took the leap of faith into entrepreneurship! 

Now, business is blooming and your clients adore you.
There’s just one hiccup…

…Writing your own marketing messaging feels like balancing a full tray of swooshing champagne flutes. One-handed.

Not to mention, it’s so easy to overthink your messaging strategy, asking yourself questions like: 

  • Is my website speaking directly to my ideal client? 
  • What should I be writing about?
  • Honestly… does this even sound like me? 

I get it friend, I’ve been there too.

That's why I'm here to help you write copy that sounds like you & sells to them - so you can get back to doing what you love.

Business is personal

The truth is,

When Your Calling is To Serve People

I’m Rachel, a conversion copywriter helping digital entrepreneurs attract perfect-fit clients by using storytelling 

Come on over– I’ll grab my Macbook + two glasses of vino. ¡Salud!

What happens when a small-town gal lands a job at the glitziest hotel around...?

...Her eyes are opened to the finer things and she decides to move to Europe, of course!

During my stay in Spain I fell in love with the people and the culture I met. That's when I learned an incredible lesson:

Everyone has a story to tell. 

With this in mind, I returned home to graduate and landed a corporate job in marketing. But it felt like something was missing... until I discovered conversion copywriting.

That's when everything clicked. Now as a copywriter, it's my job to help you share your brand story to connect with your ideal clients and grow your business.

By sharing your story ethically and strategically, you'll not only feel more aligned in your messaging- but your clients will connect with you on a human level. And when that happens, sales flow naturally.
Embracing my story to help you share yours
The thing is, even after I discovered my love for copywriting– I still had to learn how to market myself.
(*Sigh* Why is it so hard to write your own sales copy?)

But truthfully, even though it’s tempting to push back your website and email copywriting “for later” – it’s your true-to-you messaging that will help you stand out in this buzzing, overly-crowded marketplace.

Showing up online with integrity (and with a smidge of pizzaz) is how your ideal clients will virtually meet you. And decide if they want to work with you. 

And if your growing business has the goal of expanding your reach– sharing a brand story that’s welcoming, aligned, and meaningful to your clients– is the perfect way to start.

When your dream business isn't so... dreamy

Throughout my travels and professional experiences, I’ve learned a lot just by listening intentionally.
(It’s a lost art form, in my opinion.)

It comes naturally for me to listen to people’s heartfelt stories. Whether we’re longtime besties, or if we’d just met at Atocha station in Madrid.

The point is– folks love to talk about their business, and I love to listen. 

This is what’s given me an edge as a copywriter.

Not only do I listen intently to my client’s mission, voice, and goals– I also listen to what the market is saying. I put my ear to the ground to discover what my client’s customers are actually looking for + needing help with. 

Because by weaving your ideal client’s needs into your heartfelt brand story– that’s where the gold is.

(And by gold, I mean building solid relationships with your customers. And ideally, landing new customers!) 

How to be strategic in your storytelling

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I was able to implement the copy immediately. It gave me the freedom to do what I’m good at; which is dream of new ways to run my business, meet more people, and make art.

Rick L.
Artist & Educator, Minnesota

"I love the comfort of not having to worry about the copywriting for my business."

Does it sound like we’d make a sweet match?
Here's a few fun facts about me!

Are you the pan dulce to my café?

01. My dream home’s location
    > Oceanside in Marbella, Spain

02. I take my coffee
    > Pour-over coffee, black 

03. Countries traveled
    > Spain, Ireland, Morocco, Italy, Czechia, Hungary, Portugal, Chile, Philippines

 04. Top 3 favorite books
    > The Bible, Hind’s Feet on High Places, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

 05. When I was little, I wanted to be 
    > An author or a veterinarian 

 06. Best form of stress relief
    > Running, barre, or hiking in nature

 07. Hobby to try
    > Pottery wheel, and I want to pick up violin again

 08. Languages learned
    > Spanish, Bisaya (Filipino) and currently learning to read Ancient Hebrew

 09. Friends & colleagues have described me as
    > “Radiant,” “Down-to-earth,” and “Passionately curious”

 10. My dream is
    > To become a traveling mama and a homesteader with my hubby

Although these accomplishments aren’t framed behind my desk, these experiences have sharpened my copywriting and marketing skills.
(And made mom and dad proud.)

1. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 
Double Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising + Spanish

2. Life Time Athletic - Corporate Office
Digital Marketing Analyst / Facebook Ads Specialist

3. AWAI Sales Copywriting 
Sales Copywriting Training



Look at you, all the way down here!

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